What Keeps a Forklift From Tipping

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Forklifts are known to carry impressively heavy loads. Criminals even sometimes steal them from worksites, and then use them to steal ATMs! Forklifts have the capacity to lift and transport over 55,000 pounds, so many often wonder, what keeps a forklift from tipping over?

Ten Tips for Operating a Crane

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Crane operators command a large piece of heavy equipment that regularly make high-profile lifts. Not only are these operators expected to know the best and safest way to execute lifts, they also need to know how to best handle the equipment that is entrusted to them. Crane operation evolves like any other industry, and now, it’s more important than ever to keep up-to-date with regulations, best practices, and safety guidelines. To ensure that you’re always successful when operating this equipment, we’ve put together ten tips for operating cranes.

Safety Precautions for Demolition

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Safety has always been and will always be the most important part of construction and demolition sites. This is because, ensuring that everything is safe and up to all industry requirements is the fastest way to get the job done, as well as keep everyone happy and healthy. Having up-to-date equipment and taking necessary precautions ensures that you are doing all you can to keep your worksite safe during a demolition.

Demolition involves many of the same hazards that come with other construction jobs or activities. However, there is added hazards in demolition due to many unknown factors like deviations from the structure’s original design, approved or unapproved modifications that altered the original design, materials hidden in structural members, unknown strengths or weaknesses of damaged materials, and more. Not to mention, demolition zone involves the collapse of a structure, which can be incredibly dangerous. There are a few simple things that you should always do for a demolition to oversee the safety of the project.