Crane Rental

Crane Rental

When choosing to rent crane equipment, you need to be sure that you’re getting the best quality and best price for your project. Here at Crane Service, Inc. we take the expense and complication out of equipping every job. Whether you’re working on an important, high-paying job or just a challenging project, our crane rental service is assured to have the most effective crane rental equipment for you.

To find out more about our wide selection of crane rentals or to get a crane rental rate, call us today at 888-588-9704.

Operated and Non-Operated Crane Rental Service

With operated and non-operated equipment, you’re guaranteed to get exactly the crane solution you need for any job or project.

Operated Rentals: Our highly trained team is available to hire for crane or other equipment operation on your site. These experts undergone strict safety and operational training, and have years of experience working with crane equipment. These operated crane rentals provide rental security by knowing that your rental is operated by the best.

Non-Operated Rentals: Our non-operated rentals allow you to operate the crane or rigging equipment yourself. Any of our rentals have the option of being a non-operated rental, and we offer training for all of our equipment.

Interested in learning more about our professionals who operate our crane rental equipment or want to be trained to use any of our equipment? Contact us today for more information.

Equipment Available for Rental

All-Terrain Cranes

Crane Rentals: All-Terrain Cranes

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Boom Truck Cranes

Crane Rentals: Boom Truck Cranes

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Carry Deck Cranes

Crane Rentals: Carry Deck Cranes

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Crawler Cranes

Crane Rentals: Shovels

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Crane Rentals: Forklifts

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Heavy Rigging & Slide

Crane Rentals: Heavy Rigging & Slide

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Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Crane Rentals: Hydraulic Truck Cranes

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Lattice Boom Truck Cranes

Crane Rentals: Lattice Boom Truck Cranes

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Rough Terrain Cranes

Crane Rentals: Rough-Terrain Cranes

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Types of Equipment For Rental

Our Crane Service experts have years of experience in supplying equipment rentals and make crane safety our first priority. Each of our cranes undergoes annual inspections to ensure all our equipment meets and surpasses industry standards.

As a leading supplier of crane rentals, rigging, and hoisting equipment, we have a vast selection of crane models, capacities, and types. You can get any of the following type of crane with a rental from Crane Service, Inc.:

All-Terrain Cranes Boom Truck Cranes Carry Deck Cranes
Crawler Cranes Hydraulic Truck Cranes Rough-Terrain Cranes
Lattice Boom Truck Cranes Hoist and Rigging Equipment

We also sell and rent crane equipment like brakes, trucks, gantries, lifts along with your choice of tonnages, jib lengths, and boom lengths. Each of our cranes is insured for general liability, and we offer our renters the option to purchase additional insurance for increased security. Our experience as a crane supplier makes Crane Service, Inc. the right place for all your crane rental services.

Brands We Rent

Not only do we have a wide range of crane rental equipment, we stock only the best leading brands. Each brand, like each crane, has unique traits and characteristics that can benefit individual job sites. Some of the brands we supply from are:

Link-Belt Cranes Manitowoc Cranes Grove Cranes
Terex Cranes American Cranes Liebherr Cranes

Our inventory is constantly expanding as we acquire and sell different types and models of lifting equipment.

A Leading Crane Rental Supplier in The Southwest

We have been successfully supplying our extensive fleet of cranes to construction jobs across the Southwest for years. We here at Crane Service Inc. pride ourselves on delivering personalized services with all our crane rentals and purchases. We work hard to supply the right equipment to your site on time and ready to work. We’ve been selling and renting cranes and crane equipment since 1960, and have locations in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. By using our massive fleet of cranes, we serve construction and demolition productivity throughout the American Southwest.

Rest assured that you’re getting the best crane equipment for your project with Crane Service, Inc. See a list of our past projects in general construction, bridge and highway construction, and in other energy industries to see our quality cranes in action.

Whether you’re looking for a forklift rental or a boom truck rental or anything in between, you can find it here at Crane Service, Inc. Fill out the form on the right side of the page to contact us, and we can help you get the crane you need.